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Self Esteem - Scenario 3

How to use the Dream Nation SEL Scenario Bank

1. Read the scenario.

2. Discuss with a parent, mentor, or group.

3. Answer the reflection questions in the comments.

4. Comment on at least one other person's answer to engage in the conversation.


**Always be respectful when commenting.

Scenario 3 - Girl and Social Media Impact

You’re scrolling and you realize that most of your friends have hundreds more followers than you. You go back to your page and realize that your photos are not as crisp as your friends’ photos. Your phone is a little outdated. You’ve asked for a new phone several times, but it’s not your birthday yet, so you don’t have the ability to take the kind of photos and videos that you’d like to. You start to think that if you could produce better content, you could get more likes and comments.

Reflection Questions:

Would this affect how you feel about yourself? Why, or why not?

How can you spread positive messages about body image and self acceptance on social media?

*Comment Below with your answers to the reflection questions. Don't forget to interact with someone else's comments.

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