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Self Esteem - Scenario 2

How to use the Dream Nation SEL Scenario Bank

1. Read the scenario.

2. Discuss with a parent, mentor, or group.

3. Answer the reflection questions in the comments.

4. Comment on at least one other person's answer to engage in the conversation.


**Always be respectful when commenting.

Scenario 2 - Girl and Peer Impact

Your teacher assigns a class project. This requires you to work with three of your peers, and you are not able to choose who is in your group. You have two weeks to put together your project. You have to work with a group of students that you don’t know very well, but you press through it. Presentation day is finally here, but one of your group members does not show up. The group presentation falls flat, and it’s very embarrassing, in front of the entire class because there is a big gap in the presentation and things don’t make much sense. You hear a few students in the audience start to laugh at your group.

Reflection Questions:

How would this scenario make you feel?

How can embarrassment affect your self esteem?

How can you build yourself back up after an embarrassing moment?

*Comment Below with your answers to the reflection questions. Don't forget to interact with someone else's comments.

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