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Self Esteem - Scenario 1

How to use the Dream Nation SEL Scenario Bank

1. Read the scenario.

2. Discuss with a parent, mentor, or group.

3. Answer the reflection questions in the comments.

4. Comment on at least one other person's answer to engage in the conversation.


**Always be respectful when commenting.

Scenario 1 - Girl and Parent Impact

Sometimes your parent says things about how you dress that hurts your feelings. You have a very unique sense of style that is not always “traditional.” You like to express yourself through your clothing, your hair styles, and the colors that you wear. This sometimes causes a clash between you and your parent. At times, it makes you question your unique form of expression.

Reflection Questions:

In this scenario, how could you communicate to your parent how this makes you feel? Describe what a conversation could look and sound like.

Do you think that your parent or guardian has an impact on your self esteem? Why or why not?

*Comment Below with your answers to the reflection questions. Don't forget to interact with someone else's comments.

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