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Positive Body Image - Scenario 3

How to use the Dream Nation SEL Scenario Bank

1. Read the scenario.

2. Discuss with a parent, mentor, or group.

3. Answer the reflection questions in the comments.

4. Comment on at least one other person's answer to engage in the conversation.


**Always be respectful when commenting.

Scenario 3 - Girl and Social Media

You’ve finally finished your homework for the evening, so you jump onto your favorite social media outlet to see what’s happening. You come across a friend’s page. She has just posted a photo of herself with a new outfit and has hundreds of likes. Her outfit and hair looks amazing. You look in her comments and see that lots of people are commenting on how beautiful she is. You look at your last post and you don’t have as much engagement.

Reflection Questions:

Has this ever happened to you? If so, share your experience.

How does social media impact how you feel about your image of yourself?

*Comment Below with your answers to the reflection questions. Don't forget to interact with someone else's comments.

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