About Us

The Dream Girl Box is the Subscription Box for Girls With Goals.   This community was founded by Dr. Eboni Bell, who is a wife, mom,  entrepreneur, and educator.  Our mission is to inspire girls to Dream  BIG by helping them learn the habit of Goal Setting.  We do this by  providing them with inspirational products and content each quarter,  including a goal setting activity that teaches them set goals, to work  hard to reach them, and to celebrate their accomplishments.  

Our Dream Girl Boxes

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Our Founder

Dr. Eboni Bell is a wife, mother, educator, and creative entrepreneur.  Eboni loves the work that she does as a middle school counselor, and is extremely passionate about her brands.  She is the Founder of the How She Does it Network, Dream Girl Subscription Box, and I Dream in Color.

Eboni loves to inspire people to maximize their potential by using their God-given gifts and talents to find solutions to change the world.  She believes that all of us have something to unique to offer the world through our creativity! 


You can follow her at @thecreativedreamer_ and @dreamgirlbox on Instagram, or visit her website at HowSheDoesItNetwork.com.


Letter to the Dream Girl


Dear Dream Girl,

You were created to do something amazing in this world. 

You are special, unique, and stronger than you know.

No matter what happens, never forget that your dreams are valuable.

Never forget that you are worthy of the chance to dream BIG.

Always remember that you have a purpose and a GREAT destiny to fulfill.

Stay focused on your goals, and whether you win or lose, celebrate that you tried!

Always love yourself; your flaws and all. 

You're beautiful just the way you are.

May every gift and talent inside of you thrive.

May you live to see the beauty of the world.

I want you to light up every room with your positivity.

Share your ideas, your brilliance, and your creativity with the world!

Go ahead and DREAM, girl!


Love, Your Dream Coach

Dr. Eboni Bell

Founder, Dream Girl Box