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Dream Girl Box is a Quarterly Subscription Box For Girls With Goals, ages 6-16.  By providing a girl's empowerment workbook, inspirational tee shirts and other motivational products, we inspire girls to Dream BIG by using their God-given gifts and talents.  Gift a box or mailer to your favorite Dream Girl as an incentive to keep up the great work!

Boxes and Mailers ship in December, March, June & September.

Not only will she enjoy the PRODUCTS, but she will receive materials to help her set monthly goals for the quarter.  What a great way to keep her ENCOURAGED & FOCUSED! 

Our next box ships in March!  Subscribe by March 15th to receive this empowering box!

MARCH BOX THEME:  "She Believed She Could, So She Did"

Quarterly Box


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Girl's Empowerment

Book Series

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Books can be purchased individually, 


About Dream Girl Box

Founded by Dr. Eboni Bell, a middle school counselor and mentor, the box was created to inspire and motivate girls who are dealing with so many challenges in today's societal climate.  Teaching them self esteem, determination, tenacity, focus, vision, self love, and so much more, Dream Girl Box is the perfect motivational incentive for girls ages 6-16.

Each box features a mentor book based on the theme of the box, a tee shirt (or other large item) and 4-5 other inspirational items that encourage girls in the areas of CREATIVITY, COURAGE, CHARACTER & CONFIDENCE.

Boxes are shipped in December, March, June, and September on a quarterly basis.  Your account is drafted every three months on the first of the month.  Boxes ship between the 15-20th of the month.

We offer the full quarterly box, the tee shirt mailer, and a one time box, which is perfect for special occasions.  Also, check out our Hero Boy Box for the fellas!

Encourage your YOUNG DREAMERS and subscribe today!

Dream Girl Box will keep her surprised, encouraged, and motivated to set monthly goals, and to believe in herself!

What They're Saying 

"My daughter loved the items she received and as a Mom, I love that it focuses on goals & self empowerment! The themes are on point and the message behind these boxes are strong and uplifting."

-Araceli A.

"Dream Girl Box was amazing for me. I loved all the products inside. I am  10 years old, and it is helping me reach my goals. I reached out to  them about a question I had, and the creator of Dream Girl Box answered  me same-day! It was just my first box, and I LOVED it. I hope it will  appeal to other girls who get the box."

-Kaitlyn A. 

"My daughter absolutely loves her Dream Girl box.  She is so excited to  receive packages that are made out to her.  Her excitement in unboxing  her dream girl box is priceless.  The inspirational materials that come  inside the boxes are geared towards little girls love girly things. I  love that each month she is able to choose three goals that she can work  on. As a mom who set some goals frequently, this box serves as an  extension of the messages that I am already tried to instill in to my  daughter. Her receiving this box makes learning the goal-setting process  all the more fun."

-Atiya C.

"When my four girls saw the Dream Girl Box they loved the bright purses and the Future is Female T-shirt, such a hit!"

-Shauna, Fresh Kid Nation 

"I subscribed to Dream Girl Box for my 6 y/o daughter, so far she has  received two boxes and let me just say this is the best investment for  her by far! This box is not only packed with fun filled activities and  surprises but it also has sparked my daughter’s interest in realizing  and setting her own goals. She now looks forward to her boxes so she can  write down her dreams and aspirations. So far that only includes saving  her allowance for fivebelow lol, but we are getting there!"

-Shakira W. 

"As a MOMager of 2 Teen girls, I always continue to  look for that  positive reinforcement & creative ways to discuss their monthly  goals... I can’t think of a better way for the delivery of The Dream  Girl Box to arrive on our doorstep. The girls can’t wait to open the box  to see what new girly items they can use this month. Better yet, what’s  our business & personal goals are for this month & how are we  going to accomplish them? What a perfect gift & conversation to  start with The Dream Girl Box."

-Nicole K.

"My daughter is Uber excited to begin a new journey of goal setting and  affirmations as she enters into preteen. I wanted to let her know that  I’m right by her side as a copilot and life changes. Dream girl box  added the bonus materials needed to make this goal a reality."

-Latoya R.

"I think I’m on my 3rd box so far and we love it! The items are age  appropriate for my 6 year old and are useful. She gets so excited every  month when her box arrives. The price is very reasonable so it doesn’t  break the bank on a monthly basis. I’m sure as time goes on, the boxes  will only get better and maybe more pricey, so subscribe now!"

-Carla L. 

"I got it for my 6 year old twins and they absolutely loved it! I love  that this box is more about starting conversations and inspiring young  minds and it has some really cool items the girls love! We are excited  to see what is in store next month!"

-Destiny B.

"I made the purchase for my god daughter and she’s excited every time  it’s a delivery! She loved all the items in her first box, especially  the slime haha. I really enjoy the inspirational and confidence items. I  make sure to tell all my friends the Dream Box Rocks!!!"

-Peyton J.

"I bought this subscription for my niece who is in middle school! She  absolutely loves it.  The message it sends is everything to girls,  especially this age.  It’s all about setting goals and loving themselves  for who they are.  I can’t wait until she gets her next box to see her  so excited and happy again!"

-Andrea M. 

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We love our Dream Girls in Africa!

We are so grateful that God is expanding our territory with the opportunity to continue supporting girls in Kenya and Uganda.  We partner with She Saves a Nation, a Global Non-Profit to send sanitary items, quarterly, and you can help!  



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